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Interior Architecture
+ Design

Welcome to my digital portfolio showcasing my work throughout my design years. From university projects to college assignments and personal projects, I have created a diverse collection of design work that showcases my skills and creativity.

2021 - 2023

This gallery displays my work that I created during my time at Arts University Bournemouth. I developed a variety of skills such as Photoshop and Revit, which are transferable to both 2D and 3D design. Each project in this showcase employs a range of different skills, allowing me to create a diverse portfolio.

The Artisan Collective
Jan - May 2023

A reclaimed retail space serving as a dynamic platform for underground brands to showcase their unique work and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for design and sustainability. The space goes beyond conventional shopping, offering flexible workspaces for creatives to collaborate and innovate. We aim to nurture emerging talent by providing a supportive environment for them to gain exposure, build their audience, and flourish in their entrepreneurial endeavours. At the heart of this innovative retail concept lies a commitment to sustainability and creativity, celebrating individuality and originality.


Oct - Nov 2022

This exhibition features immersive multi-sensory spaces and levels that raise awareness about the challenges of conventional farming and promote sustainable alternatives like regenerative farming and innovative technologies. Visitors leave with newfound knowledge and a sense of responsibility, motivated to champion sustainable farming practices and advocate for a greener future.

Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 15.39.04.png

Apr 2022

‘Bleached’ is a short project that highlights ocean plastic pollution and its impact on marine ecosystems. Using Rhino and Grasshopper, a coral structure was created to visually represent the environmental issue. The project was developed as part of the Collaborative Practice initiative to emphasise the importance of working together to address environmental challenges. Bleached aimed to inspire advocacy and awareness to protect our oceans and marine life. Augmented Reality technology was incorporated to provide an immersive experience for viewers.

LO1 Coral Concept.jpg

Green Space Dark Skies
Apr - Jun 2022

At the Green Space Dark Skies event, we created an immersive and interactive experience using recycled scaffolding structures enriched with augmented reality technology. Our goal was to help people reconnect with nature and foster a deep appreciation for the natural world. Through this collaborative project, we hoped to inspire more sustainable practices and a greater sense of wonder about the environment.


Circular Threads
Jan - Mar 2022

'The transformative power of upcycling and sustainable fashion.' The space is a hub for fashion lovers and conscious consumers to donate their unwanted garments and see them transformed into something new and 'luxurious' through the art of upcycling. Curating a collection of these up-cycled pieces and exhibiting them like a gallery to showcase the beauty and creativity of sustainable fashion. Its mission is to inspire others to join this circular journey towards a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry.

hero image.png

The Serenity Hub 
Oct - Dec 2021

A safe and calming hub for individuals living in uncertainty. The space offers comfortable accommodations, therapeutic services, creative activities, and meeting spaces to help support residents on their personal journeys towards healing and well-being. Striving to create a peaceful and welcoming environment that fosters personal growth, community, and resilience. The goal is to empower individuals to find their inner peace and achieve a sense of stability and security in their lives.

DPH visual.jpg

Art + Design

All things creative.

2018 - 2023

This gallery displays my work that I created during my time at Chichester college and developed skills that have turned into a hobby.

AUB Summer Show
Jun 2023

As a part of our Interior Architecture and Design course at Arts University Bournemouth, I played a crucial role in developing the visual identity for our Summer Show. Using my expertise in Blender and After Effects, I created dynamic 3D visuals and animations that adorned our exhibition displays, bringing them to life. Working closely with other creative minds, I also contributed to conceptualizing and executing cohesive 2D branding elements that added to the overall presentation. Our collaborative effort resulted in a visually engaging showcase that captured our collective creativity and passion for design, leaving a lasting impression on the exhibition audience.


Floral Flight

This wallpaper design draws inspiration from the natural world, incorporating hand-printed repeat patterns that showcase a variety of printing techniques. The result is a stunning visual display that captures the essence of the great outdoors. The design is reminiscent of the work of Timorous Beasties, a renowned design studio known for their unique and intricate patterns.


Life Drawing

These life drawing sessions allowed me to experiment with various mediums and capture the human figure in a unique way. This process aided me in understanding anatomy and developing my own artistic style, creating authentic depictions of life.


The Vanishing Forest: A Pop-Up Adventure

A handmade book inspired by Roald Dahl's enchanting illustrative storytelling. Through ingenious pop-up illustrations and Dahl-inspired visuals, this immersive journey brings to life the plight of our forests. Experience the magic of 3D visualisation techniques woven into every page, revealing the wonders of nature and the harsh reality of deforestation. As children explore this interactive adventure, they'll discover the importance of preserving our forests and learn how to protect our planet. 

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